Greg Ott Demo Reel (Commercial)

Highlights include national commercials for Lowe’s, Halls, and more.

Greg Ott Demo Reel (Comedy)

Highlights include clips from IFC, The Second City Network, and more.

Comedy Sketches

Versa News: America’s Fall From Grace

Vice News parody about the strange, cold climate phenomenon that takes over the Earth between fall and spring.

IFC Comedy Crib: Box Office

Blackout sketch for IFC digital series by The Annoyance.

The Second City: Americans Try Easter Traditions for the First Time

Reaction video parody of tasting Peeps, the blood of Christ, and betrayal.

The Second City: Boehner, Bachmann & Steinweitz, Attorneys at Law

The law office that specializes in prosecuting criminal presidents.

The Second City: Buying GM is Still Safe!

Fake commercial endorsing exploding General Motors vehicles.



National campaign for Halls cough drops


National campaign for Lowe’s home improvement

CommunityAmerica Credit Union

Local campaign for CommunityAmerica’s partnership with the Kansas City Chiefs

Kentucky Office of Highway Safety

Public safety announcement encouraging drivers to slow down


Helping furries date



I gave away hundreds of dollars worth of food to promote McDonald’s breakfast menu


Retail promotion that aired in malls nationwide

JLL Renew: Standoff

Sketch for JLL Renew marketing campaign

JLL Renew: Meeting

Sketch for JLL Renew marketing campaign

JLL: Privacy

Sketch for JLL Renew marketing campaign