The Second City Touring Company

Actor & Writer, The Second City

Dickinson County News
“The Second City sends us talented young actors who put on a funny, often irreverent show. Ott’s disc jockey skit was hilarious.”

Toledo Blade interview
“Who doesn’t want to hook up with Donald Trump?” Ott laughed. “Ah, maybe the state of Ohio.”

Miami Sun-Sentinel interview
“The Second City performance features sketches and songs from the legendary improvisational comedy troupe’s 55-year history as well new material.”

Shark Tank: The Musical

Actor & Co-Writer, The Annoyance Theatre

Recommended, Chicago Reader
“No idea is a bad idea at this jovial, good-natured parody of ABC’s Shark Tank. On TV, entrepreneurs pitch products and services to five “Sharks”—potential investors such as Dallas Mavericks owner and sentient Lego Mark Cuban. Annoyance founder Jennifer Estlin and her writing partner Greg Ott adapt the show’s conceit into a playful form of improvisation around some scripted bits, notably each judge’s solo song.”

Chris Gaines in… The Life of Garth Brooks

Actor & Writer, The Annoyance Theatre

☆ ☆ ☆ out of ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆, Chicago Tribune
Inspired by the elaborate backstory Brooks created for Gaines, Ott (who stars as the Gaines/Brooks amalgam) and co-director Joe Avella instill in their cast a madcap sense of purpose, including a couple of awesomely faux maudlin flashbacks of father-son bonding.

Recommended, Chicago Reader
“Greg Ott’s well-constructed parody turns that wonky era on its head, featuring Gaines as the “biggest rock star on the planet on the eve of the new millennium,” who becomes dissatisfied with his career and turns to country music. Chock-full of 90s references like Tamagotchis, Judge Ito, and unlikely sex symbol Chelsea Clinton, the show is a nostalgic romp into a slower (i.e., dial-up) time.”

Big Sausage Pizza: The Musical

Actor & Writer, The Annoyance Theatre

Member Pick, Chicago Reader
“The show itself is a messy mixture of clever and lame comedy, unbridled vulgarity and poignant social commentary. One moment it surprises with its brilliance, the next it astounds with its stupidity.”

Trigger Happy

Actor, The Annoyance Theatre

Recommended, NewCity Chicago
Trigger Happy puts forth a new style that is based on what director Mick Napier calls “a show that, although completely improvised and funny, still provides for the audience the look and feel of a staged production.” The group of improvisers involved with this production are better than average for this town, always playing to the height of their intelligence and capturing the essence of scenes very quickly. I enjoyed the performance that I attended, and expect that we’ll see this style of improv grow into a standard form that Chicago will enjoy for some time to come.”

O.J. Didn’t Do It: What Really Happened

Actor & Co-Writer, The Annoyance Theatre

Recommended, Choose Chicago
“A very smart, witty, well-written and well-directed show. OJ Didn’t Do It is a dark and surprising murder mystery satire and breaks the mold of the average comedy show. It’s weird to say, but I left feeling very satisfied. There was nothing more I could have asked for from this production.”

Opportunity Rocks!

Actor & Writer, The Public House Theater

Recommended, Choose Chicago
“Ott and Duff are brilliant, conversational writers and calm and convincing on stage. [They] seamlessly bounce back and forth between characters, providing a glimpse at [their] full range of acting talent. This is the second show I’ve seen with Greg Ott and he continues to impress me.”